Virtual Office

We offer you our company secretary services. Service might include:

  • company bookkeeping,
  • payroll services,
  • taking care of tax returns,
  • administrative or secretarial work,
  • opening a bank account
  • business licence
  • arranging business meetings
  • promotion for your company or activities
  • customer services
  • representation of the company
  • administrative support
  • business adress
  • virtual office


  1. Secretarial, data entry and administrative support - $25 per hour
  2. Office manager or accounting support - $65 per hour
  3. Business consultations $250 per hour including initial consultation or further correspondence.

Opening of bank account have a diferent price in diferent banks. Prior agreement is required. Fees required by State authorities, banks, etc., will be added and documented.

Required deposit $1,000 for the duration of the service. The cost depends on what exactly you need and how much time we need to spend. For example, if you need help with accounting we will charge you $65 per hour. We bill exactly as time is spent. If something takes 10 minutes then you are billed 10 minutes.

How to proceed?

Email us if you are interested with information about your company. Include your company website and your plans what you want to do. We will schedule Skype or phone conversation with our business advisor. If you decide to proceed further the initial consultation will be billed based on the above pricing. If you see that our service is not what you are looking for, then the initial consultation will be free.

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