Company Registration Fast and Easy

It is perfectly legitimate to establish company based in countries whose rules meet your needs and goals.

When contacting us:

  • We advise you the most suitable country and forms of company for your purpose
  • We open a company according to your wishes
  • Choose from a range of accompanying services
  • You will know in advance about the price that will not change and will be very low.

Examples of locations and prices:

Czech Republic:

Limited partnership, including the head office for EUR 687, we recommend that the general partner will be a limited liability company. Very useful is a combination of UK Ltd and individuals as limited partners, this combination we have on offer with price EUR 862. Limited partner may be a foreigner from outside the European Union.

Professional freelance including its location and business license for EUR 460; applies to aliens outside the European Union.

Great Britain:

Company limited by kind of range of accompanying services

Basic EUR 175

Standard EUR 300

Premium EUR 378

In England we also offer bookkeeping, tax services and accommodation.

We can establish your company in Cyprus, in the Slovak Republic, in the U.S. and in other locations.

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