We offer tourist travels for citizen outside of EU area.

  • PLEASE NOTE that all prices are inclusive of air travel ticket, it will be mandatory that we have this in the package. Also all hotel stays will be included in 3 star hotels with half board or 4 star hotels with breakfast. In addition all packages will include local excursions which we can adjust to the needs of each individual group and normally will include sightseeing in places of interest.
  • Please note that all travellers will need the citizenship of the country they are departing from. For example it will not be possible to obtain a visa for a Bangladesh citizen who is in Dakar and wants to leave from there. The only exception is, if a person with different nationality has legal resident status in that country.
  • It should be clearly understood that all travellers are either employed, students or have sufficient funds available for travel.
  • The booking should be done approx. 45 days before departure to allow ample time to make proper arrangements and obtain the required Visas
  • Please note that we will require a copy of passport with all visa pages which have any entry or stamp any entry on it. Also 2 passport size photographs, and 20% deposit of package price. The full price will be paid when travel documents are delivered.

Passengers will be required to obtain sufficient travel insurance for european travel as required ! We are able to issue such insurance but please note that isurance is not part of package.

After we receive everything from the clients including their selection of Tour program and destination we will send a confirmation of booking and details of itinery etc . We will then prepare the set of documents along with the Visa application forms ! The applications forms must be signed by the applicant and the returned to us ! Once we have it in hand we will submit for processing to the relevant embassy along with our vouchers , documents and visa fees. The processing , depending on the country will take between 7 to 21 working days , not including Sat and Sun !
When the Visas are issued the passengers will receive all travel documents and vouchers needed for their selected tour programs with air tickets.

All in all after booking it will take 30 to 45 days depending on destination and travel dates as their are seasonal peaks for both , hotels and airlines as well !
The visas will be processed at the embassies involved and will be processed as group visas by our company !

It will not be necessary for the individual passenger to go to the embassy themselves ! No need for interview.


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